Reference projects

Reference projects

GA Butterfly, Check, Air valves provide solutions for floating pump station in Orange County

The Orange County Water District manages the vast groundwater basin under northern and central Orange County, California, that supplies water to more than 20 cities and water agencies, and serves more than 2.4 million residents.

GA Surge Relief Valves help protect sewer lines in a New Jersey community

Two Bridges Sewerage Authority serves over 40,000 residents and businesses within its 56 square mile catchment area. The past few decades have seen increasing population growth, as the region transitions from a rural to suburban area.

Checktronic pump control valve photo

CHECKtronic® Pump Control Valves help control surge at a Rhode Island pump station

The Kent County Water Authority supplies and distributes water services to residential, commercial, industrial, and other consumers in Kent County and parts of Cranston, Scituate, and North Kingstown, Rhode Island.


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