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Current newsletter, Q2 2015

State-of-the-Art Technology

Hollow-jet fixed cone valves are exposed to extreme stress – often over many decades. In numerous dams worldwide, the Rodney Hunt Howell-Bunger® Discharge Valve has proven performance. Now, we have optimized the design for even better performance with smooth, vibration-free operation
and drip-tight sealing.

The Valve and Gate Group has been at the forefront of designing innovative products and solutions for safe and reliable flow control systems. The DUOJET® Combination Air Valve for clean water is a new high capacity, single-chamber air valve with triple function for venting and releasing air in pipelines. The simple design has only two moving parts for reliable operation. 

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Current newsletter, Q1 2015

175 years and Still going strong!

Since 1840, Rodney Hunt has pioneered safe and reliable flow control systems throughout the world. From cast and fabricated gates to custom valve and actuation options, we bring a total solution to every project.

We are focused on providing new and innovative products to meet underserved needs in the market, such as the RIKO® Plunger Valve and EKN® Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve.

While some things have changed over time, our commitment to engineering, design, and manufacturing excellence has remained constant. Our products continue to outperform the competition and to lead the market, such as Cast Gates, Rotovalve®, Howell-Bunger®, and more.

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Vision newsletter, Q3 2014

Fabricated Gates that are Built to Last!

The Fontaine Series 20 Stainless Steel Slide Gate features superior sealing and a durable, one-piece flange-back design for long-term performance – even after long periods of non-operation. We also offer fast turnaround on standard sizes from 12” to 48” through our QuickShip program.

The Valve and Gate Group, comprised of Rodney Hunt, Fontaine, and GA Industries, offers a comprehensive line of fabricated gate solutions to meet your flow control needs.

From channel and level control to isolation and backflow prevention; from standard projects to large openings and high head applications; we can help you select the right gate for your next project.

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Vision newsletter, Q2 2014

Looking for a leak-free butterfly valve that lasts?

Look no further. The EKN® Butterfly Valve features a double offset design with a unique rubber disc seat arrangement for long-term tight sealing, even after decades of service. 

The Valve and Gate Group offers a comprehensive line of butterfly and plug solutions to meet your flow control needs - from the leak-free EKN® to the proven Allis-Chalmers Streamseal® to the energy saving ECO-Centric® Plug Valve. Our innovative products are rugged, dependable, and built to last.

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Vision newsletter, Q1 2014

Rodney Hunt, Fontaine, and GA Industries are now the Valve and Gate Group.

Together we provide a full range of valve, gate, and actuation solutions to meet your application needs. For you that means better solutions, better service, and better value. 

We have been at the forefront of designing innovative products and solutions for safe and reliable flow control systems. Our products are installed in thousands of applications around the world and many of our brands have become synonymous with the products themselves as a result of their widespread use and proven performance.

With over 300 years of experience in flow control, why would you go anywhere else?

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