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Flange Ratings

There’s a lot of confusion regarding pressure ratings of flanged valves for waterworks service. Industry standards, manufacturer’s literature, and project specifications often contradict or are subject to interpretation which leads to delays,...

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Combination Air Valves are critical for system protection

Combination Air Valves purge air from the system at start-up, vent small pockets of air while the system is pressurized and running, and prevent critical vacuum conditions during draining.

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How do I sequence my pump control valve with my pump?

The Model 7700 Pump Director is a pre-wired control panel to stop and start pumps and properly sequence the operation of the pump motor and the companion GA CHECKtronic®, Electric Check, or AWWA Ball Valve.

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How do Air & Vacuum Valves minimize surge and vacuum?

When filling a pipeline, air must be evacuated to minimize surge and waterhammer and to prevent trapped air. During draining, air must be admitted into the system to replace the outflowing liquid to prevent vacuum formation.

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How do Air Release Valves reduce pumping costs?

The accumulation of trapped air in a system causes line resistance, requiring pumps to work harder and increasing energy consumption. GA Air Release Valves automatically exhaust air from the system, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

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How can I protect my system from Surge?

When in the process of designing a water or wastewater pumping station, one critical factor that must be considered is determining if there is the potential for dangerous surge pressures in a normal or emergency pump shut-down situation.

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What is a "Truly" Field Replaceable rubber seat?

A butterfly valve seat is “truly” field replaceable when it can be easily replaced without special tools or equipment. This prevents a lengthy disruption in service, which saves time and money.

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How does the ECO-Centric® Plug Valve reduce energy costs?

The GA Industries ECO-centric® Plug Valve features an ECO-friendly, flow efficient round port design.

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Do valves in pipelines need to be supported?

The width of the valve and the amount of water in the pipeline needs to be taken into account.

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Why are butterfly valves unsuitable for control tasks?

During the closing stroke of the valve disk, the cross-section between the valve disk and the body is equally reduced.

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