Dave Heiner Associates help protect sewer lines with GA Surge Relief Valves


Dave Heiner Associates, in conjunction with Hatch Mott MacDonald, have successfully completed the design, purchase and installation of GA Industries' valves for Two Bridges Sewerage Authority, Lincoln Park, NJ.


Two Bridges Sewerage serves a 56 square mile area with a current population of approximately 40,000 residents.

Three (3) GA Industries 8" Figure 626-DS Surge Relief Valves were installed, which are specifically designed to protect sewer lines and systems against excessive overpressures. The valves were installed on a 30" force main. With their stream-lined body configuration and hydraulic controlled closings, they minimize surges caused by the normal starting and stopping of pumps, a pump malfunction or power failure.

Upon inspection, Rob Knoblauch, who has been with Dave Heiner Associates since 2009, found the original figure 250-DS GA Industries Valves, sold in 1979. They are still in operation today.


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