Pump stations

GA Industries is an expert at providing solutions to minimize surge for water, wastewater, and sewage pump stations. To the products

Pump stations

GA valves for pump stations

Pump stations are characterized by pressure surges due to the sudden velocity changes associated with the starting and stopping of pumps. Specially engineered check valves or pump control valves are often needed on the discharge of the pumps to prevent slam and/or minimize pressure surges while surge relief and anticipator valves provide protection from excessive surges resulting from power outage or pump failure.

GA Industries provides a full range of water hammer and surge control solutions for water, wastewater and sewage pumping applications.  We can provide expert advice on the application of check valves, pump control valves, and surge relief valves for your next pump station project.

GA valves in pump stations

Our non-slam Cushioned Swing Check Valves are designed for dependable operation under rigorous conditions in water and sewage pump stations. We also offer a line of pump control valves that include: Electric Check Valves, AWWA Ball Valves, and our newest innovative product, the CHECKtronic┬«  Pump Control Valve.


Surge Relief and Surge Anticipator Valves are also available to protect the system from excessive pressure subsequent to a stoppage of pumping or a sudden valve closure.

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