• AWWA Butterfly Valves

    Rugged, dependable, and versatile butterfly valves that fully comply with AWWA standard C504 and NSF-61


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  • ECO-Centric® Plug Valves

    Reduce head loss and pumping costs with the ECO-Centric® Plug Valve

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  • Pump Control Valves

    Specialty valves designed to control pressure surges associated with pump operation, including Checktronic®, AWWA ball valves, and control valves


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  • Surge Protection Valves

    Protect your system from excessive pressure due to sudden stoppage of pumping with our line of surge protection valves

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  • Check Valves

    Dependable, non-slam operation under rigorous conditions in both water and sewage pumping stations

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  • Pilot-Operated Control

    Maximum capacity, precise control, and the versatility for a wide range of water applications

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  • Air Valves

    Maintain pumping efficiency and minimize the effects of trapped air in pressurized water and sewage systems

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New product - DUOJET® Combination Air Valve

New product - DUOJET® Combination Air Valve

The GA Industries DUOJET® Combination Air Valve for Clean Water offers the ideal combination of strength, reliability and performance. This high performance “triple function” air valve efficiently vents air during pipeline filling, rapidly admits air during pipeline draining, and continually releases air pockets while the system is operational

Its simple design employs only two moving parts and its corrosion resistant fusion bond epoxy coated ductile iron and stainless steel construction provides long-term reliable operation.

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New Adjustable Packing design Premiered at WEFTEC!

The GA ECO-Centric® Plug Valve now features a new shaft packing design that is adjustable and replaceable without removing the actuator. Read more


American Iron and Steel Compliant

GA Industries can comply with the American Iron and Steel (AIS) Requirements for Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) projects. Read more


VAG vision newsletter - now online!

Our quarterly group publication, the VAG vision newsletter, provides information on our products and services, including case studies and references. Read more

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Flange Ratings

There’s a lot of confusion regarding pressure ratings of flanged valves for waterworks service. Industry standards, manufacturer’s literature, and project specifications often contradict or are subject to interpretation which leads to delays, improper equipment, and potential system failures. Read more


Combination Air Valves are critical for system protection

Combination Air Valves purge air from the system at start-up, vent small pockets of air while the system is pressurized and running, and prevent critical vacuum conditions during draining. Read more

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